The historic and alluring country of Morocco has been a highly sought after filming destination for decades. From Lawrence of Arabia to Game of Thrones, Morocco has hosted some of the most critically acclaimed, award-winning movies and TV series ever produced.

Morocco Film Production is honored to carry on this fine tradition, providing filmmakers with all the film production services they need to bring their vision to life. From customs clearance, transportation and film permits in Morocco to casting, crews, equipment and more, filming in Morocco has never been more streamlined or cost-effective than with Morocco Film Production.

Certified by the CCM (Moroccan Cinema Centre), Morocco’s film industry authority, Morocco Film Production offers filmmakers all the services they need for every facet of their production, including:

  • Customs Clearance, Government Authorization and Film Permits in Morocco: We handle all the legal aspects of your production, ensuring that everything runs as smoothly as possible.
  • Location Scouting, Transportation, Catering and Accommodations: We organize all of your logistics, including where to stay, what to eat, where to shoot and how to get there.
  • Casting in Morocco: We have access to a rich, culturally diverse pool of experienced talent for you to choose from.
  • Filming in Morocco: We assist with the everyday nuts and bolts of filmmaking, keeping your production on schedule and under budget.
  • Crews, Equipment, Props and Costumes: We have experienced professionals and the latest equipment, all ready to help you make the most of your production.

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Welcome to Morocco Film Locations

Morocco is a preferred filming destination for filmmakers worldwide as the country offers choice of varied landscapes for filming in Morocco. Filmmakers can use the terrain of Morocco as a double for any country in the world. Whether it is the beautiful beaches of Essaouira, the Atlas mountain range or the Sahara desert, Morocco offers filmmakers a chance to film their dream project at an economical and comfortable pace. At Morocco Film Locations, we offer a wide range of services to filmmakers so that they can have an excellent filming experience in the country.

Morocco Film Locations makes it easy for filmmakers to get the required permissions for filming in Morocco from the CCM (Moroccan Cinematographic Centre). CCM is the government authority which controls the film industry laws and regulations in Morocco. CCM also provides permits for filming projects in Morocco, from films to music videos to photo shoots. We supply film makers with high quality equipment on rent that they will need for filming which removes the need of bringing their own equipment. Morocco Film Locations has high quality Red weapon cameras which are ideal for shooting the beautiful locations of Morocco.

Film makers can also get advanced audio/video equipment, lights, grips and more on rental basis. At Morocco Film Locations, we can arrange professional crews for filming in Morocco. Hiring film crew in Morocco can significantly lower the overall filming costs and also provide talented teams to work with. In case film makers need to shoot a movie with local extras, we also make available extras for all filming projects in Morocco and film producers can also use our services for scouting excellent locations for their filming purposes.

Contact us to know more about the complete range of services offered by us. We can ensure that once you choose Morocco Film Locations for your filming project in Morocco, you will have the best experience of filming in Morocco.

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About Morocco Film Locations

Morocco Film Locations is the premium provider of location scouting for film production Morocco. We have employed trained location scouting experts who will listen to your requirements for your film production in Morocco and find you the best locations available that suit your requirements. By choosing our services you can rest assured that you will get the best locations for shooting in Morocco. Along with providing exotic locations, we also provide a host of other services to make the experience of movie directors a unique and memorable one when they come for filming in Morocco.

By signing up with us you can rest assured about taking care of the paperwork and the film shooting permits. Once you give us your schedule and your requirements, we will arrange the requisite paperwork so that you can carry on with your shooting schedule without any interruptions. At Morocco Film Locations, you can also get advanced filming equipment like Red Weapon Camera package which is the most advanced camera package available and perfect for capturing the ethereal beauty of Morocco. Once you choose our services for shooting in Morocco, we can ensure you that you will come back to Morocco to work with us again. Find out more about our services by browsing through our website.

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Fes Film Locations

Fes is the oldest imperial city in Morocco and the city offers some of most beautiful filming locations in Morocco like the bazaars, palaces and bustling town squares, the Kasbahs and the medina of Fes. Fes is divided into three parts, Fes el Bali which is the old walled city of Fes, Fes-Jdid also known as New Fes and Ville Nouvelle that is the part of Fes that was built by the French.

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Marrakech Shooting Locations

Marrakech Film makers have been coming to Morocco since the era of black and white movies. Morocco is one of the top destinations picked by film producers and directors for shooting of films. Morocco is a country which is diverse in culture, climate and landscapes and therefore proves to be an exotic destination for shooting movies. In addition to its landscape, the support of Moroccan Government and easy availability of professional actors and crew also facilitates Moroccan film production.

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Meknes Shooting Locations

Meknes is a beautiful Moroccan city near the majestic city of Fez. During the dynastic struggles of Arabic and Berber leaders, Meknes was the capital of Morocco. The triple wall system surrounding the city adds to the beauty of Meknes and it has remained the same for centuries. Meknes offers a unique array of film making opportunities as there are several Meknes shooting locations which the film makers can utilize.

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Casablanca Film Locations

Casablanca is a modern Moroccan city that is the business capital of Morocco. Popular?tourists, the city specializes in different types of industry but also keeps in touch with its authentic roots. The souks and the markets in Casablanca sell traditional items on the same stalls as electronic items and this gives Casablanca its unique image that cannot be seen elsewhere.

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Tangier Film Locations

Tangier is also known as the “Gateway to Morocco” as the city represents a unique glimpse of ancient and modern in one place. Tangier is a melting pot of different cultures as at different times in history, the city was controlled by Berbers, Romans, Byzantines, English, French and Spanish. The strategic location of Tangier makes it an ideal spot for film shooting in Morocco. Tangiers film locations vary from scenic beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea to the Herculean caves located near the coast of Atlantic Ocean. Morocco Film Locations offers Morocco film location scouting services for film makers who want to portray the beauty of towns like Tangier in their movies. Along with Morocco film location scouting we also provide a range of services to make your filming experience in Morocco a memorable one. We can make technicians and expert extras available for all kinds of film projects and we also provide Red One Camera package on rent so that you can shoot your movies in high definition video and edit it without any problem.

At Morocco Film Locations you can find excellent location scouting services as per your budget and requirement. Once you do business with us, you will surely be impressed and choose us again for your next film production in Morocco. Browse through the website to know more about the complete range of services provided by us.